Transparent Audio Trade In Program 

Transparent Audio offer all their customers an opportunity to trade in their existing cables for another cable from the Transparent Audio offering. Normally, your cable will have up to 50% trade in value to go towards something new.

Until May 1st 2019, this value is increasing to up to 75% trade in value.

As an example, if your existing Transparent cable was worth $1500 at the time of purchase, and you wish to purchase a new cable worth $4000, you will be offered 75% of $1500 = $1,125 to go towards this new cable.

How it works:

  • Fill in your details using the form below. Be sure to include the length and model of your cable.

  • We will contact you with a trade in value that can go towards a new cable.

  • If you wish to go ahead with the purchase, we will put you in touch with your nearest Transparent Audio dealer with all the necessary information provided.

  • Enjoy your new Transparent Audio cable!


  • The new cable must be in the same category as the trade in cable, e.g. speaker->speaker, interconnect->interconnect.

  • The retail value of your existing cable must be worth at least half the retail value of your new cable.

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