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Established in 1985, HDL is a global company that manufactures customised building automation products and professional stage lighting equipment. HDL knows that environmental protection is crucial, we strive to provide innovative products with the latest efficient energy solutions that improve the comfort and convenience in living spaces, via our extensive network of retailers and installers.


HDL Product Range


Wired reliability

HDL's BusPro range of automation products is a wired solution, combining various dedicated automation units mounted on a bus. This gives you the ability to choose exactly what you want to automate and steadfast reliability.

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Wireless Flexibility

HDL's BusPro Wireless range is perfect for those areas that are harder to reach but still need to be automated. Designed to work as a standalone system or an add-on to a HDL BusPro system, the Wireless range is an ideal system for residential or light commercial. 

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The HDL system is a must-have for any modern residential property. Our technology is designed to be conveniently hidden from view, while the control panels come in a variety of colours, styles, and finishes to fit any contemporary decor. The technology is designed to be completely unobtrusive, while complimenting the design and providing homeowners with convenience, security, and energy efficiency.
All of your systems can be controlled from elegant panels, or Android and iOS devices. This control can take place not only in the home, but from anywhere in the world.

We boast a large number of control modules allowing the ultimate flexibility in design, and can tailor our smart home solutions to your exact requirements.



HDL has over 30 years of experience in providing automation solutions to the commercial sector.

We understand the critical importance of producing efficient and practical solutions which meet the needs of architects, M&E specifiers, energy consultants, and commercial installers. Our energy efficient products and experience is invaluable in providing powerful and cost effective solutions.

Any commercial building regardless of its scale can take advantage of the unique features offered by HDL automation solutions.



Hospitality is “the act of being friendly and welcoming to guests and visitors”. Venues, such as hotels, spas, restaurants, bars and clubs, make it their primary business to be hospitable. Technology can assist by providing the customer with added comfort and convenience, and the venue with energy-savings, enhanced security, and the simple management of systems from a centralised location.



At the forefront of marine automation, we have developed solutions that give complete comfort, convenience, and security, regardless of if you are anchored in a harbour or circumnavigating the globe.

If you have purchased or already own a marine vessel equipped with HDL technology, you can rest easy knowing all our marine solutions have passed a rigorous quality control, and meet or exceed international marine electronics standards. This ensures that whatever the weather can throw at you, your automation solution will always be operational and totally reliable.

Why we distribute HDL



IP-based systems always come with a bottleneck - your network. When your network starts to become busy with internet traffic - Netflix, YouTube, gaming, and more, this can affect the performance and reliability of your essential automation features such as lighting and access control. HDL takes most of the network dependability out of the system, so that even if your network is busy, you'll still always have peace of mind. 

With the ability to control over 16,000 different devices on a single system, HDL can be as small or as large as required, making it ideal for residential, commercial or hospitality solutions.


Pick from a huge range of finishes, colours and designs. Can't find one you want? Don't worry, HDL can customise a solution.

HDL Shares our view on our role in Custom Installation

We view our role in the custom installation industry to be one of partnership. We don't want to just sell you a box and leave you to work out where it goes. Any distributor who wants to service this industry well has to become a partner, helping you specify products and solutions, your client's needs and your business ethos. HDL's vision is similar to ours and complements our AdvanceOne service. 


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